Bolt Brewery, Little Italy

This is a fun location in the heart of the Little Italy "party district". The beer is very good, and they have good food, too. I had a nice grilled cheese, salad and flight for $15. 

Hard Pressed Orange (Fruit Beer, 5.2% ABV). Like an orange soda almost. There's a touch too much bitter (orange peels?) on the end.  3.25/5

With big windows (with counters) open to the street, a wrap-around patio and lots of seating at high tops inside, this is a chill and relaxed place to watch the world go by and have a beer. They have wine as well. Andra did a great job at the bar!

Anchor Bolt (IPA, 7% ABV). It's well made, but I think I don't like Cascade hops. Light straw color, lager mouthfeel, quite bitter finish.  3.5/5

They were pouring 14 beers the day I was here, across a range of styles. I really enjoyed the Nitro Dan Stouts. Hip Czech Pilsner is one of my favorite beer names (and it's a good beer, too; they are about to start canning it).

Dan Stouts (Stout, 7.6% ABV). The roasted malts remind me of Black Butte Porter, but it isn't as sharp/acidic as that. 3.5/5

The $10 minimum in credit cards is a bit odd given that their most expensive pint is $8.

Nitro Dan Stouts (Stout, 7.6% ABV). Nitro makes this beer. Order it this way. Thick, smooth, lovely. 4/5

As I found when I visited the brewing facility in La Mesa (review here), Bolt makes a wide range of beers consistently well and they promote a relaxed atmosphere with helpful staff.     1971 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

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