San Diego's Craft Brewery/Tap Room Count Hits 170

San Diego's Craft Brewery/Tap Room Count Hits 170

As of August 22, 2017, San Diego County is home to 144 operational craft brew houses plus 26 satellite tasting rooms owned by those breweries. That's a net increase of one in each category this month despite the closings of Magnetic Brewing and The Beer Company, for a craft beer total of 170. (When I started my quest in October 2016, there were 130 craft beer locations in San Diego county. Growth of 40 in less than a year is impressive.) Newly opened this month are Alta Brewing and Circle 9 Brewing. According to West Coaster, Lightning Brewing is operating again (or still?); there is no online activity but I added that one back to the active list this month while I attempt to confirm. The new tasting room this month is Culture Brewing's Encinitas location.

In addition, there are 20 "other" breweries and brewpubs currently in operation in San Diego County: Ballast Point, Saint Archer, 10 Barrel, BJ's, Oggi's, and the Ocean Beach tap room of Santa Clara's Golden State Brewery. Saint Archer has also announced plans to open a new tap room in Leucadia. (West Coaster is counting Ballast Point's new sour program across Trade Street from the Carroll Way home base as a separate new brewery; I'm considering it just an expansion of the existing Miramar brewery.)

There are, moreover, 39 additional projected-to-open breweries and tasting rooms at various stages of planning and construction. That number is down by a net of two this month. Alta Brewing and Circle 9 Brewing became active, while newly added to the "In Planning" list are Deft Brewing, Degenerate Brewing, Thieving Magpie Brewing, and Eppig Brewing's Point Loma tasting room. I moved Depot Springs from "In Planning--Dubious" to "In Planning--Credible" because of news that came out this month. I fact, I did some additional research and have decided to delete everything else that was in the "Dubious" category: all those projects (Dogma, Fighter Town, Harney, Knox Corners, and Legatus) seem to be dead in the water as far as I can determine. (Please let me know if you know differently.)

The upshot: Depending on what you want to count, San Diego County is home to 144 craft breweries, 150 brew houses, 170 craft brewery locations, 190 brewery locations of all types, and a projected future overall total of 229.

The "first edition" of my list was this one. The accompanying text there describes the thinking behind the organization of the list and what I have included. If you compare my list to West Coaster's, you'll see several differences that go beyond just the new categorizations I've introduced. The San Diego Brewer's Guild list includes things that are not on my list or on West Coaster's list, because some of the things on the SDBG "Breweries" list are not breweries but brands (like Stone's Arrogant Brewing, Port Brewing's Hop Concept, and Green Flash's Cellar 3). The SDBG list/map also leaves out the 22 of 144 San Diego craft breweries (15.3%) that are not SDBG members.

Please let me know ( if you see any mistakes or know of anything else that needs to be added to the list.


San Diego Craft Brewhouses in Operation

(Asterisk * indicates non-member of San Diego Brewers Guild)

1.                2Kids Brewing Co. (Mira Mesa, 2013)

2.                3 Punk Ales (Chula Vista, 2017)

3.                32 North Brewing Co. (Miramar, 2014)

4.                Abnormal Beer Company (Rancho Bernardo, 2015)

5.                Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment (Midtown, 2013)

6.                AleSmith Brewing Company (Miramar, 1995; 2015)

7.                Align Brewing Company (Miramar, soft opening June 2017) *

8.                Alpine Beer Company (Alpine, 2002)

9.                Alta Brewing (Barrio Logan, 2017) *

10.             Amplified Ale Works (Pacific Beach, 2012)

11.             Amplified Ale Works (Miramar, 2016)

12.             Arcana Brewing Co. (Carlsbad, 2012)

13.             Automatic Brewing Company (Normal Heights, 2010)

14.             Aztec Brewing Company (Vista, 2011)

15.             Back Street Brewery (Vista, 2004)

16.             Bagby Beer Company (Oceanside, 2014)

17.             Barn Brewery (North Park, 2016) *

18.             Barrel Harbor (Vista, 2013)

19.             Battlemage Brewing Company (Vista, 2017) *

20.             Bay Bridge Brewing Co. (Chula Vista, 2006) *

21.             Bay City Brewing (Loma Portal, 2015)

22.             Bear Roots Brewing Co. (Vista, 2015)

23.             Belching Beaver Brewing (New HQ – Oceanside, 2016)

24.             Belching Beaver Brewing (Original Location – Vista, 2012)

25.             Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern & Grill (Vista, 2016)

26.             Benchmark Brewing (Grantville, 2013)

27.             Bitter Brothers Brewing (Bay Ho, 2016)

28.             Black Plague Brewing (Oceanside, June 10, 2017)

29.             BNS Brewing & Distilling (Santee, 2013)

30.             Bolt Brewing Co. (La Mesa, 2014)

31.             Booze Brothers (Vista, 2013)

32.             Border X Brewing (Barrio Logan, 2013) *

33.             Breakwater Brewing Company (Oceanside, 2008)

34.             Burgeon Beer Company (Carlsbad, 2016)

35.             Burning Beard Brewing (El Cajon 2016)

36.             California Wild Ales (Sorrento Valley, 2017; no tasting room) *

37.             ChuckAlek Independent Brewers (Ramona, 2013)

38.             Chula Vista Brewery (Chula Vista, 2017) *

39.             Circle 9 Brewing (Kearny Mesa, 2017)

40.             Coronado Brewing Company (Coronado, 1996)

41.             Coronado Brewing Company (Bay Park, 2013)

42.             Council Brewing (Kearny Mesa, 2014)

43.             Culture Brewing Co. (Solana Beach, 2013)

44.             Culver Beer Co. (Carlsbad, 2016)

45.             Division 23 Brewing (Miramar, 2015)

46.             Dos Desperados (San Marcos, 2014)

47.             Duck Foot (Miramar, 2015)

48.             Ebullition Brew Works (Vista, 2017) *

49.             Eppig Brewing (North Park, 2016)

50.             Escondido Brewing Co. (Escondido, 2017) *

51.             Fall Brewing Co. (North Park, 2014) *

52.             Fallbrook Brewing Company (Fallbrook, 2013) *

53.             Finest Made Ales (Santee, 2016)

54.             Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant (Mission Valley, 1998)

55.             Green Flash Brewing Co. (Mira Mesa, 2002)

56.             Groundswell Brewing Co. (Grantville, 2013)

57.             Groundswell Brewing Co. (Santee, 2017)

58.             Guadalupe Brewery (Carlsbad, 2015; growler fills only, no tasting room)

59.             Half Door Brewing Co. (Downtown, 2015)

60.             Helix Brewing Co. (La Mesa, 2015) *

61.             Helm’s Brewing (Kearny Mesa, 2012)

62.             Hillcrest Brewing Company (Hillcrest, 2012)

63.             Home Brewing Co. (North Park, 2015)

64.             Indian Joe Brewing (Vista, re-opened 2017)

65.             Intergalactic Brewing Co. (Mira Mesa, 2013)

66.             Iron Fist Brewing Company (Vista, 2010)

67.             Jacked Up Brewing (Escondido, 2017)

68.             Jamul Brewing Co. (Jamul, 2013)

69.             Karl Strauss 4S Ranch (4S Ranch, 2012)

70.             Karl Strauss Carlsbad (Carlsbad, 1999)

71.             Karl Strauss Downtown (Downtown, 1989)

72.             Karl Strauss La Jolla (La Jolla, 2004)

73.             Karl Strauss Main Production Brewery (Bay Ho, 1996)

74.             Karl Strauss Sorrento Mesa (Sorrento Mesa, 1994)

75.             Kensington Brewing Company (Grantville, 2013) *

76.             Kilowatt Brewing Company (Kearny Mesa, 2015)

77.             KnB Brewery (Del Cerro, 2016) *

78.             Knotty Brewing Co. (Downtown, 2016)

79.             Kuracali Saké & Beer Brewery (San Marcos, 2014)

80.             La Jolla Brewing Company (La Jolla, 2013)

81.             Latitude 33 Brewing Company (Vista, 2012)

82.             Legacy Brewing (Oceanside, 2013)

83.             Lightning Brewery (Poway, 2006) [reported closed May 2017; reported open July 2017]

84.             Little Miss Brewing (Miramar, 2016)

85.             Longship Brewery (Mira Mesa, 2016)

86.             Mason Ale Works (Oceanside, 2015)

87.             Mason Ale Works (San Marcos, 2017; production brewery; tasting room?)

88.             Midnight Jack Brewing Co. (Oceanside, 2016)

89.             Mike Hess Brewing (North Park, 2013)

90.             Mikkeller Brewing San Diego (Miramar, 2015)

91.             Mission Brewery (Downtown, 2008)

92.             Modern Times (Midway, 2013)

93.             Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery (East Village, 2011; purchased by Coronado Brewing, 2017)

94.             Mother Earth Brew Company (Vista, 2010)

95.             New English Brewing Company (Sorrento Valley, 2008)

96.             Nickel Beer Company (Julian, 2013)

97.             North Park Beer Co. (North Park, 2016)

98.             Novo Brazil Brewing Company (Chula Vista, 2015)

99.             OB Brewery (Ocean Beach, 2016) *

100.          Oceanside Ale Works (Oceanside, 2006) *

101.          Oceanside Brewing Company (Oceanside, 2016) *

102.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Carmel Mountain)

103.          O’Sullivan Brother’s Brewing (Scripps Ranch, 2014)

104.          Pacific Beach Ale House (Pacific Beach, 2007)

105.          Pacific Islander Beer Co. (Santee, 2015)

106.          Pariah Brewing Company (North Park, 2017)

107.          Pizza Port Bressi Ranch (Bressi Ranch, 2014)

108.          Pizza Port Carlsbad (Carlsbad, 1997)

109.          Pizza Port Ocean Beach (Ocean Beach, 2010)

110.          Pizza Port Solana Beach (Solana Beach, 1992)

111.          Plan 9 Ale House (Escondido, 2013)

112.          Poor House Brewing Co (North Park, 2012) *

113.          Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, 2006)

114.          Prodigy Brewing Company (San Marcos, 2016)

115.          Prohibition Brewing Company (Vista, 2011)

116.          Protector Brewery (Miramar, soft open June 2017)

117.          Pure Project Brewing (Miramar, 2016)

118.          Quantum Brewing Company (Kearny Mesa, 2014)

119.          Reckless Brewing Co. (Miramar, 2015)

120.          Resident Brewing Co. (Downtown, 2016)

121.          Rip Current Brewing Co. (San Marcos, 2012)

122.          Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurant La Jolla (La Jolla, 1998)

123.          Rough Draft Brewing Company (Mira Mesa, 2012)

124.          Rouleur Brewing Company (Carlsbad, 2017)

125.          San Diego Brewing Company (Grantville, 1993)

126.          San Diego Brewing Company (North Park, 2017)

127.          San Marcos Brewery & Grill (San Marcos, 1991)

128.          Second Chance Beer Co. (Carmel Mountain Ranch, 2015)

129.          Smoking Cannon Brewery (Ramona, 2017) *

130.          Societe Brewing Co. (Kearny Mesa, 2012)

131.          South Park Brewing Co. (South Park, 2015)

132.          SpecHops Brewing Co. (Vista, 2017) *

133.          SR76 Brewery (Valley Center, 2017)

134.          Stone Brewing Co. / Stone World Bistro and Gardens (Escondido, 1996)

135.          Stone World Bistro and Gardens Liberty Station (Liberty Station, 2013)

136.          Stumblefoot Brewing Company (San Marcos, 2012)

137.          Thorn St. Brewery (North Park, 2012)

138.          Thorn Brewing Co. (Barrio Logan, 2017)

139.          Thunderhawk Alements (Miramar, 2016) *

140.          Toolbox Brewing (Vista, 2014)

141.          Viewpoint Brewing (Del Mar, 2017)

142.          Wavelength Brewing Co. (Vista, 2014)

143.          White Labs (Miramar, 2012)

144.          Wiseguy Brewing Co. (Carlsbad, 2017)­

Non-Craft San Diego Brewhouses in Operation

145.          10 Barrel Brewing (Downtown San Diego, 2017; owned by ABInBev, considered “fake craft” by many; note that about half of the beers they pour are brewed at their San Diego location; the rest are brewed at the HQ in Bend, OR.)

146.          Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits (Scripps Ranch, 2006; Acquired by Constellation Brands, 2015)

147.          Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits (Little Italy, 2013; ")

148.          Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits (Miramar, 2014; ")

149.          Ballast Point Home Brew Mart (Linda Vista, 1996; ")

150.          Saint Archer Brewing Company (Miramar, 2013; Acquired by MillerCoors, 2015)

Satellite Tasting Rooms in Operation

151.          Alpine Beer Co. Pub (Alpine)

152.          At Ease @Barrel Harbor (Miramar)

153.          Belching Beaver Brewery (North Park)

154.          Belching Beaver Brewery (Ocean Beach)

155.          Bolt Brewing (Little Italy)

156.          ChuckAlek Biergarten (North Park)

157.          Coronado Brewing Company (Imperial Beach)

158.          Culture Brewing (Encinitas, 2017)

159.          Culture Brewing (Ocean Beach)

160.          Green Flash Cellar 3 (Miramar)

161.          Helm’s Brewing (Ocean Beach)

162.          Iron Fist Brewing (Barrio Logan)

163.          Kilowatt Brewing (Ocean Beach)

164.          Legacy Brewing Tap & Kitchen  (Miramar)

165.          Little Miss Brewing (Normal Heights)

166.          Lost Abbey Confessional (Cardiff)

167.          Mike Hess Brewing (Ocean Beach)

168.          Mike Hess Brewing Miramar (Due to start brewing here again on new equipment in 2017)

169.          Modern Times (North Park)

170.          Mother Earth Brew Co.Tap Room (Vista)

171.          Rip Current Brewing (North Park)

172.          Stone Company Store Oceanside (Oceanside)

173.          Stone Tap Room (Downtown San Diego)

174.          Stone Company Store on Kettner (Downtown San Diego)

175.          Stone Brewing at PetCo Park  (Downtown San Diego)

176.          Stone Brewing in Terminal 2, San Diego International Airport

Brewhouses in Planning

177.          Barrel Rescue Brewing (Kearny Mesa)

178.          Blue Water Grill (Carlsbad, Fall 2017); contract brewed for the chain in East Village SD

179.          Brewers Landing (College Area, 2018?)

180.          Coronado Brewing Company (Imperial Beach Bikeway Village development, late 2017?)

181.          Creative Creature Brewing (El Cajon, 2017? Originally slated for downtown but location fell through)

182.          Deft Brewing (Bay Park, 2017?)

183.          Degenerate Brewing Co. (Encinitas, early 2018 in bars)

184.          Depot Springs (La Mesa, Dec 2018)

185.          Fourpenny House (La Mesa, 2017)

186.          Full Body Brewing (Vista)

187.          Horus Aged Ales (Oceanside, 2017?)

188.          Julian Brewing Company (Julian, 2012; no tasting room as of 2016; July 2017 Fb post says “currently under renovation”)

189.          Karl Strauss Brewing Company (Santee, 2017?)

190.          Northern Pine Brewing (Oceanside; 2017 opening?)

191.          Savagewood Brewing (Rancho Bernardo, 2018?)

192.          SouthNorte (San Diego, 2017?)

193.          TapRoom Beer Company (University Heights, projected Dec 2017)

194.          The Beer Company (Downtown, 2010) * [July 2017: To reopen under new ownership after renovation]

195.          Thieving Magpie Beer Company (Miramar, 2018)

196.          White Fence Brewing (Encinitas, 2017?)

197.          Wild Barrel Brewing Company (San Marcos, 2017?)

Satellite Tasting Rooms in Planning

198.          Modern Times Encinitas (in planning)

199.          Little Miss Ocean Beach (in planning)

200.          Groundswell Brewing Company Chula Vista (in planning)

201.          Second Chance North Park (in planning)

202.          California Wild Ales North Park (in planning)

203.          Benchmark Brewing Bay Park (in planning)

204.          AleSmith Brewing Carlsbad (North 40 project, in planning)

205.          Second Chance Beer Company Carlsbad (North 40 project, in planning)

206.          Mission Brewery Pacific Beach (in planning)

207.          Mike Hess Brewing Imperial Beach (in planning, due 2018)

208.          Eppig Brewing (Point Loma; 2018?)

209.          SIX tasting rooms at Seaport Village?? (in planning—for 2023??)

210.          SIX tasting rooms at Seaport Village?? (in planning)

211.          SIX tasting rooms at Seaport Village?? (in planning)

212.          SIX tasting rooms at Seaport Village?? (in planning)

213.          SIX tasting rooms at Seaport Village?? (in planning)

214.          SIX tasting rooms at Seaport Village?? (in planning)

Non-San Diego-Brewed Craft Venues

215.          Golden State Brewery Tap Room (Ocean Beach; behind Voltaire Beach House, brewed in Santa Clara, CA)

216.          BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (Chula Vista)

217.          BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (La Mesa)

218.          BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (Hazard Center)

219.          BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (La Jolla)

220.          BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (Escondido)

221.          BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (Carlsbad)

Note: BJ’s has six breweries in five states (Brea, Boulder, Chandler, Reno, Temple, West Covina) and has won a variety of awards (including 28 GABF medals since 2000; BJ’s won Large Brewpub of the Year at GABF 2002). BJ’s breweries are members of the Brewer’s Association, which means that BJ’s IS craft beer. That is contrary to what I had thought; certainly, West Coaster and others don’t have them on their lists of craft beer in San Diego.

222.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Liberty Station)

223.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Chula Vista)

224.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Santee)

225.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Del Mar)

226.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Encinitas)

227.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Vista)

228.          Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company (Mission Valley)

Note: According to what I was personally told by an employee in spring 2017, Oggi’s no longer brews on any of their own premises [July 2017: except at Carmel Mountain Ranch] but instead contracts with Left Coast (San Clemente, CA) to have their recipes made. Oggi’s was one of the original San Diego craft brew pubs and over the years won many awards.

Non-San Diego-Brewed Craft Venues in Planning

229.          Saint Archer Brewing Company (Leucadia, 2018)

Burning Beard Brewery, El Cajon

Burning Beard Brewery, El Cajon

Alpine Beer Company, Alpine

Alpine Beer Company, Alpine